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wilder heart 


hand drawn maps & intentionally created products

Our mission is to celebrate the every day, and so we began to draw maps to celebrate some of our favourite places.

The shop began with a simple map of our hometown, and has expanded to showcase locations that are meaningful to our collective community.

maps to tell your story

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While there are ways that may be eaiser to deisgn a map, we choose to digitally hand-drawn each and every one.

After drawing the map, we add coordinates & have it printed locally.

Each map is packaged by us and shipped out with a card, because we are suckers for getting good mail.

the process

Custom maps for every occasion. You tell us where, and we will create a unique map for every situation. Here are some ideas to get you started:

* Due to the nature of a custom picece, turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Starting at $59

+ where you & your love met
+ your hometown
+ where you went to college
+ honeymoon location
+ first house
+ favourite coffee shop / book store

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